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Savvy Technical Solutions Pty Ltd - Creators, Designers & Manufacturers Of SavvyLevel || Finalists In 5 Business Categories For The Chief Ministers Prestige Awards:

1. Emerging Exporters

2. Manufacturing

3. E Commerce

4. Small Business

5. Technology and Innovation

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Savvy Technical Solutions Pty. Ltd. (STS) is not just any company - we are a family company caring about our designs, and caring about the people who use our products - as a family company should do. STS is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your technical expectations.

STS is owned and operated by some of the best minds in the country. We employ Software Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Mechanical Engineers as well as our team of Administrators to ensure our products meet industry standards and in fact, exceed them - we are very proud of this. Savvy Tech has some (and is currently developing) great innovative products that are easy to use and can be linked to your mobile SMART device(s).

Our Research and Development (R&D) team are constantly teasing out the finest elements of mathematics, physics and technology and applying them to our designs. By doing this we bring to bear those elements that propel our products to the front of the pack.

At STS we create our own unique and abstract technical products for all manner of clients (nothing is too small or large) that are used extensively. Tell us what you want or search from our product list. STS can create almost anything! Call us today or email our support team at: [email protected] (Contact Us) for an obligation free quote.

Savvy Tech (STS) can create products that look at home in the Aerospace industry yet be personalised with your individual design imagination to meet your needs. We also have a brand of products on the market that are ready to purchase. Welcome to the wonderful world of Savvy Technical Solutions Pty. Ltd.


Savvy Tech has designs that will excite you. From our simple base products to the most sophisticated and complex software engineering in the globe today - all are impressive in the extreme. You can use your mobile device to "talk" to our products. STS uses the IoT (Internet of Things) that will inspire and motivate you.

Our Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies are enhanced with our adaptive and innovative newly developed 'in-house' transport layer protocols such as our small device communications protocol - SDCoS. STS also supports education - our philosophy & mantra is "Knowledge Is Power" - from this we also develop our technology for education.


Savvy Tech can create just about anything. Our mother boards can speak to your SMART devices and provide you with any data you require - by being supported by our integration with the IoT.

Savvy Technical Solutions Pty. Ltd. provides software that can remotely connect you with information and data - with the click of a button; it's that simple!

At Savvy Technical Solutions Pty. Ltd. we create proprietary and innovative design successes.

Our clever approach to design enables us to overcome many difficult technical aspects that were previously considered 'undo-able'.


STS is passionate about creating truly amazing products and we love to create specialised products for niche markets, those areas that we, as individuals love to be involved with - products that don't get a look in with current technology - except with an unreasonably high price tag. Through clever and innovative design, we create products at competitive prices with extraordinary quality and designed to a 'mission critical' standard.

By careful design and production methodology, we are also able to bring our specialised products to you at a competitive price, a price matched only by the mass market, yet possessing unsurpassed quality.